The Real Deal With Dietary CBD Oil

dietary CBD oil

CBD (cannabidiol) products, made from the hemp and cannabis plant, are the latest buzzword around the world. Containing very few traces of the addictive compound of hemp (Tetrahydrocannabinol – THC), these products have turned into essentials. Dietary CBD oils, in particular, are one of the most famous hemp products in this niche market.

Generally speaking, CBD products are not harmful to our bodies. Since governments put major restrictions on the psychoactive ingredients in CBD goodies, these products can’t make us feel “high” either. In most countries, CBD products contain less than 0,3 THC and a larger amount of CBD, which is not psychoactive.

What is Dietary CBD oil?

CBD products come in all forms, ranging from oils and tinctures to food additives and topical creams. In this post, I will focus on clarifying what dietary CBD oil is and how people use it for weight loss.

Not to be confused with facial oil, dietary CBD oil is used as an additive to food and drinks. Evidence confirms that this oil may benefit our metabolism, which is vital to maintaining a healthy body weight. In contrast to topical CBD oil, dietary CBD oil is ingested together with drinks, and sometimes even food.

Dietary CBD Oil
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CBD for weight loss – true or not?

Research suggests that dietary CBD oil may boost our metabolism and help us to reduce the amount of food that we consume. This in turn may lead us to faster weight loss and the so desired healthier lifestyle.

Unfortunately, most scientific trials of CBD oil were conducted with rats. The results showed that it supported significant weight loss in rats. However, science needs more evidence on how CBD oil will interact with human organisms.

Considering that most products are tested on animals, we can assume that the benefits of dietary CBD on humans will be very similar. CBD oil is also a very advantageous supplement for our best fiends – dog pets. Moreover, when I read reviews of dietary CBD oil on the web, most people noted that the oil helped them use weight faster.

Research on marijuana proved that marijuana smokers lost weight. Since marijuana contains THC and CBD additives, in much higher amounts, CBD products (containing the same elements) may have the same effect on consumers.

Two types of fat exist in our body – white and brown fat. White fat is the “bad” fat, responsible for weight gain and chronic illness such as diabetes. In contrast, brown fat is the “good” body fat, helping us to burn calories faster.

According to science, dietary CBD supplements may assist us in turning the white body fat into brown. Physical activity, sleeping patterns, and weather can support the same process naturally. Still, if we add on a drop of dietary CBD oil every day, we can even speed this “browning process” up.

How much oil is good enough for weight loss?

Interestingly, it is up to our individual needs to decide how much dietary CBD oil we should consume daily. What we need will depend on our age, metabolism and weight.

As we age, our metabolism slows down. When we take supplements as dietary CBD oil, we will need to rely on our metabolism to break it down into small parts that can be easily absorbed. Therefore, older people may have to wait a bit longer until CBD dietary supplements take control of their bodies.

Weight and current metabolism will also determine how much dietary CBD oil we should take daily. For example, people with higher weight and slow metabolism may take it twice (or even three times) daily. Younger people with good metabolism may benefit from one dose per day.

As with literally any product, the brand of the product means a lot. Different brands offer different quality and additives. Before deciding how much dietary CBD we should intake, it’s wise to check the ingredients of every product.

Are there any side effects?

CBD products in general may have side effects on the human body. Let’s not forget that the main additives of these products are very psychoactive – in high amounts. Knowing the facts about CBD, it is important to be careful with the product, consuming it in small premeasured doses.

People with serious illnesses, consuming a lot of medications, can’t take CBD oil. In some countries, CBD comes only with a doctor’s prescription. Even if CBD products are legal in our country, if we want to mix CBD oil with other medications, it is always wise to consult a doctor.

It is essential that we don’t take any dietary CBD supplements together with alcohol.

The main side effects of dietary CBD oil may be drowsiness, diarrhea, vomiting, changes in mood, and nausea. Before starting with CBD oil, the best practice is to check the brand and try it out. Bear in mind that some oils contain a higher amount of THC, which can make you addicted. This is especially true in places where cannabis is legal.

The bottom line

It looks like dietary CBD oil may help us lose a few pounds. Already knowing the scientifically proven benefits of CBD oil, our next step may be going to the local shop to choose the right brand.

CBD oils will benefit our weight loss by boosting our metabolism. Moreover, they will support the production of brown sugar, which will replace the dangerous white sugar in our bodies. Future research needs to prove what amount of dietary CBD oil is good enough for us, depending on our weight, age, and even sex.

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