What Diet Matches Our Blood Group?


Latterly people swear by the Blood Group Diet, one of the popular regimens for weight loss. If a few people eat the same foods and exercise in the same way for a month, it is very likely that they won’t lose the same weight. What about if everyone could choose nutrition and exercises based on their blood group type, A, B, 0, or AB? Will this make everyone shed the same pounds in a month?

Despite the growing popularity of the ancient Blood Group diet, there is a paucity of actual scientific evidence regarding the relationship between blood groups and nutrition. Even so, many people reported online that they lost weight by adhering to the guidelines outlined in the diet.

In 1990, D’Adamo outlined the principles of the Blood Group Diet. He pointed out that the foods we consume interact chemically with our organisms and affect different bodily functions. In light of this, appropriate nutrition can speed up metabolism, improve digestive health and boost our immune system.

Each of the four blood group types requires a different set of nutrition and physical activity for weight loss. Also, according to D’Adamo, people with different blood groups may suffer from different health issues. Therefore, specific nutrition will also take care of preventing potential ailments and side effects in these humans.

Now, let’s look at the four blood group types – A, B, AB, and 0, explain what nutrition they should interact with, and how we can add more exercises and supplements to our eating regimen so as to make our lifestyle even healthier.

the Blood Group Diet
Foods suitable for each Blood Group

Group Type A – The Farmer

People with A Blood Group should consume more vegetables and avoid meats and dairy products. According to evidence, people with this blood group have a lower level of stomach acid, which will prevent heavy foods like meat and poultry from being digested.

People with blood group A may want to try a vegan or vegetarian diet, or simply limit their daily consumption of meat. In addition, yoga and light exercises will help people in Group A lose weight and increase their metabolism.

D’Adamo also suggests including more natural and organic vegetables, beans, legumes, and fruits in our diets while avoiding fully processed foods. However, we should be on the lookout for vitamin and mineral deficiencies in similar regimens and supplement them from external sources.

Group Type 0 – The Hunter

Since ancient times, people have relied on unprocessed food to survive. In recent times, many diet regimens, such as the Paleo diet, are based on the same idea. And people with Blood Group 0 fall exactly into this category of people, which similarly to ancient hunters should consume mostly natural foods.

Modern cavemen with blood type 0 may lose weight easily by avoiding processed foods, carbohydrate-rich nutrition, and dairy products. Physical activities, on the flip side, will benefit this diet even more, and because most people with blood type 0 are supposed to be muscular with wide-body structures, lifting and cardio will suit their exercising plans best.

Group Type B – The Nomad

According to D’Adamo, people with blood group B have the strongest immune system and suffer less from ailments than other group types. People from this group may consume a wide range of dairy products and vegetables with only a few exceptions – tomato, lentils, chicken meat, pork meat, and others.

While cavemen were sometimes lonely, in the course of human evolution, nomads proceeded in large groups. Therefore, Group B may add cardio exercises and sports involving more people, like soccer, tennis, and cycling.

Group Type AB – The Enigma

People with Blood Group AB, a mix between “farmers” and “nomads”, make the most modern group in terms of evolution. As a result of Group AB‘s tolerant immune system and sensitive digestive tract, it is still recommended that people consume meat in moderation, or completely avoid it.

Similar to Group A, people with Blood Group AB should eat more fruits, vegetables, tofu, lentils, and grains but avoid chicken meat, pork meat, and corn. All types of fish, such as salmon, tuna, and sardines, are beneficial for people in this group. Dairy product consumption is also allowed in moderation.

People with Blood Group AB may opt for a variety of exercises, but mostly light physical activities like yoga, walking, or golf. Depending on their body structure and energy, most people with this blood type may also choose more active sports, including soccer, cardio, or cycling.

The blood group diet
Foods inappropriate for each blood group


In recent times, there is very little empirical evidence about the efficacy of the Blood Group Diet. We can find most of the information about this diet by searching for reviews or blog posts, but there is a lack of scientific trials proving D’Adamo’s claims. And except for the many supporters, there are a lot of people opposing the principles of this diet.

One of the main downsides of the Blood Group Diet, likewise any other diet, is the lack of essential vitamins and minerals from the foods that people avoid. Also, many people believe that the diet has a placebo effect, making us think that we’re actually losing weight because we follow the instructions.

In fact, D’Adamo recommends eating unprocessed whole foods and avoiding completely junk food. Fairly, almost 70% of the diets online will suggest exactly the same, and avoiding processed foods will most likely make us slimmer. Physical activity will also help us burn the spare calories, and, in turn, shed a few pounds.

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