What Are Personalized Vitamin Packs?

personalized vitamins

Different people, with different lifestyles, will also differ in their needs. This is as simple as a basic mathematical equation. No matter if you agree or not, in most cases, it is true that we all need and prioritize different things. This being the case, many companies have started to develop vitamins tailored to our individual needs (personalized vitamin packs).

How personal are personalized vitamins?

Out of curiosity, I decided to explore in detail the personal aspect of these supplements. A couple of websites of companies offering personalized vitamins have a quiz that I had to pass through in order to get an offer from them. How can a test help practitioners design daily vitamins for us?

Nutritionists use the test to get to know more about your lifestyle. For example, many of the questions that I had to answer were related to my food preferences, what foods do I consume daily, and how many times weekly I go to the gym. According to my assumptions, if I answered that I was a vegan, I would have gotten personalized vitamins containing more iron.

Now, let’s provide some examples of what personalized vitamin may contain:

  • Example 1. I don’t like citrus fruit and red meat. I exercise once a week as I am usually very busy. Solution: Personalized vitamins containing iron, Vitamin C, and protein (for example collagen). Such a solution will increase iron levels, which is vital for many body functions. Also, Vitamin C and collagen will benefit my skin, bones and prevent arthritis.
  • Example 2: I am a vegan. I don’t eat any dairy products, and I exercise in the gym 3 times a week. Solution: Personalized vitamins containing Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron, and Magnesium. Vitamin D and Calcium will substitute for the lack of dairy products, keeping my bones and teeth strong, while Magnesium will keep me energetic and support my body’s hydration in physical exercise.

The examples that I wrote above are not real offerings by any companies. It is just something that I saw in reviews. This also represents the way I understand what personalized vitamins are.

Except for all the vitamins that I listed, personalized vitamin packs may contain more additives, such as amino acids and minerals. The mix of ingredients will also depend on what we need them for.

Are personalized vitamins effective?

There is no actual evidence on how effective personalized vitamins are. This will depend on your overall health condition, too. Healthy young adults’ bodies may be able to absorb these vitamins faster than someone suffering from a serious disease.

More research and evidence are needed on how different personalized vitamins benefit people. Until this is done, it will be best to explore the offerings of different brands, and read consumers’ reviews so as to get a better idea about the product.

How can I get a pack of vitamins?

Obviously, you can’t just walk into the local pharmacy and ask for a pack of personalized vitamins. There are few ways to get this product, purchasing it online or walking into shops that specialize in the creation of personalized vitamin packs. Still, how does the purchasing process look like?

The best and fastest way to get your daily vitamins is to order them online. There are a few companies offering personalized vitamins online, after completion of a test or quiz. This is to say that after they get to know more about your needs, they will offer you a personalized product, tailored to improve your personal well-being.

Another way to order personalized vitamins is by going to special vitamins and nutrition stores. Supposedly, the process of sale will be similar to the online one. The main difference may be that instead of going through an online quiz, you may be able to talk directly to a specialist.

Bottom Line

Many people will ask: Do I need a pill combining all vitamins and minerals together when I can just buy a pack of multivitamins? It’s difficult to answer this question, but obviously personalized vitamins are not exactly a pack of multivitamins.

Professional companies know best how to measure the right doses of additives that your body needs. Obviously, during the pills’ creation process, the company pays a lot of attention to you as an individual, which is also somehow similar to a doctor’s visit. I’d say that exactly this process is the best marketing element of personalized vitamin packs.

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