Potato Soup (Supa De Cartofi)

Supa De Cartofi

Whether you’re a vegetarian, or you just want to lose a few pounds, soups are one of the best add-ons to different nutrition plans. Supa De Cartofi, meaning potato soup in English, is an authentic Romanian dish. Although similar types of potato soups are already popular in every corner of the world, the recipe below is based on the way Romanians prepare and serve the soup. The dish is easy to prepare and tastes even better with sour cream on the top.


3-4 medium-sized potatoes

2-3 carrots

1-2 leeks

2 onions


150 ml. tomato sauce

soup seasoning

black pepper


spices of your choice

sour cream

2 tbs flour (optional)

How to prepare:

Step 1: Cut the onion and mix with the minced garlic gloves and all the spices of your choice. Pre-heat oil in a separate pan and stir fry the mix for about 5 to 10min. Add the 2 tbs flour to make the mix more homogenous.

Step 2: Put the fried mixture into a separate bowl and continue stirring. Add 1,5 l. water to the mix so as to fill in the bowl and let it boil. Add the salt.

Step 3: Cut the potatoes and carrots, preferably into rounded slices. Add all the vegetables, including the leek (cleaned carefully before chopping), into the boiling water. Add the tomato sauce and begin stirring frequently. You may add more seasoning while tasting the broth.

Step 4: Let the boiling soup on medium heat for another 30 min. You may try to control the heat while stirring the vegetables.

Step 4: Cut the parsley and add it to the soup. Let it cool down and serve with 1-2 tbs of sour cream on the top.

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