Personalized Vitamins For Weight Loss

personalized vitamins

Vitamins tailored to our individual needs are a trendy alternative to traditional multi-vitamin packs. These personalized vitamins help our diet by contributing to faster weight loss. To increase efficiency, nutritionists use a combination of different methods, such as blood tests and personal quizzes, to help find the optimal vitamin matches based on the results.

Still, many consumers are apprehensive about the new buzzword: personalized vitamins. Before choosing the right vitamin brand, people will usually search for information and reviews that confirm the efficacy of personalized vitamins. Therefore, this post will provide more insight into the purpose and use of personalized vitamins, especially vitamins for weight loss.

The creation of personalized vitamins

Personalized vitamins and supplements are very similar to what we can buy in the store today. In fact, many people will order vitamins or supplements just because they read a review or saw an advertisement online. But, whether they are actually deficient in this Vitamin, and need it, is only based solely on their assumptions.

Companies use special methods to determine our individual needs and vitamin deficiency. In doing so, they offer specific supplements that are tailored to satisfy our individual eating regimen or help us fight ailments. Also, personalized vitamin packs usually contain the necessary RDI for each nutrient, while multi-vitamin pills contain essential vitamins in very low quantities.

Most companies branding personalized vitamin packs will require that customers complete a quiz first. The quiz includes questions about our lifestyle, eating habits, and whether we suffer from any mild or serious ailments. On the basis of our answers, practitioners will offer vitamins and supplements that we can add to our shopping cart.

Other companies use blood or DNA tests to determine if we are deficient in any vitamins and minerals. According to many people, DNA tests will provide better insight into our nutritional needs. Similar tests and personalized vitamin packs, however, are much more expensive but also more effective in the opinion of reviews.

personalized vitamins
Personalized Vitamin Packs

Criticism of personalized vitamins

Critics often slam personalized vitamin packs because of the way they are created. According to reviews, the information that we provide in a quiz is too subjective, and often not enough for getting the right vitamins and supplements. Many websites also use machine algorithms to provide personalized vitamins based on quiz information.

Many people using personalized vitamins also state that they are not much different from the vitamins they buy in a cosmetics store. Personalized vitamin packs, however, turn out to be at least twice more expensive than what we can get on the traditional market for supplements. DNA tests can make them even three to four times more expensive than conventional products.

How can personalized vitamins speed up weight loss?

Many effective diets around the globe are actually based on DNA or blood tests. In fact, our blood group may also determine what type of nutrients we need to add to our eating regime. In a similar fashion, personalized vitamins created to satisfy our personal dieting needs can benefit our diet.

Metabolism and energy boosters

Vitamin and mineral deficiency will almost certainly translate into energy deficiency. And energy is something that we need in order to exercise and burn calories. No matter the fasting and type of diet, there will be no permanent effect, if we exclude physical activities from our routine.

Many vitamins can help us become more energetic, and some of the most famous are the minerals Magnesium, Iron, and Vitamin B. We can certainly get all of these from natural foods as well. However, if we are vegans, or our diet prevents us from eating foods rich in these minerals, we can certainly get them by taking personalized vitamins.

Metabolic issues can prevent us to lose weight, and the older we get, the more problems with our metabolism we will encounter. Vitamin deficiency, in fact, can result in slow metabolism, too. Therefore, personalized vitamins can definitely help our body detox while speeding up our metabolism. This, in turn, will lead to faster weight loss in most healthy adults.

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Personalized vitamins

Vitamin D deficiency and obesity control

According to studies, there is a link between Vitamin D deficiency and obesity. People not getting enough Vitamin D are more likely to gain weight faster than people who get the recommended RDI of Vitamin D. Therefore, each personalized vitamin pack for weight loss will contain the required amounts of Vitamin D.

Sleeping routine improvement

Evidence also suggests that bad sleeping routines and insomnia are major factors that prevent us from losing weight. No single diet is actually considered healthy when it is not combined with good quality sleep. Evidentially, vitamins and supplements may improve our sleeping routine in many ways, too.

Personalized vitamins can enhance our brain’s functions and improve the sleeping process, which is controlled by the brain. For example, Vitamin B can support brain functions and contributes to the production of melatonin, except that it provides us with more energy. Proper intake of vitamin E, calcium, and magnesium can also improve sleep quality.

Stress and anxiety relation to weigh loss

There is a connection between stress and weight loss, and the more stressed we are, the more we will crave different foods during the night. Personalized vitamin packs for weight loss have a calming effect and reduce stress levels. This, in turn, will make us more focused on our dieting habits while avoiding unhealthy foods at night.

How to select the right personalized vitamins

There is still a lot of controversy about personalized vitamin packs for weight loss. Although many people claim that personalized vitamins helped them in their weight loss journey, others believe that these vitamins have a placebo effect on our bodies. And our eating regime, exercises, and habits contribute to faster weight loss, while we only believe that the actual vitamin does miracles overnight.

Before choosing the right Vitamin packs, we need to research the brand well. Brands offering blood tests before prescribing the personalized vitamins may tailor more effective products. Also, similar tests carry more objective data than just a quiz, so paying a bit extra will turn out to be more beneficial for us in the long run.

No matter what brand we choose, a weight loss journey is never an easy one. Therefore, combining personalized vitamins with regular physical exercise and appropriate eating regime will be the best road to faster weight loss.

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