How To Stay Well Hydrated With Coconut Water?

Coconut water

Coconut is one of the most praised exotic fruits today. We use coconut oil, milk, and recently even coconut water. Still, can coconut products truly substitute the traditional ones?

Interesting facts about the coconut

Coconut is not a nut but a tropical, stone fruit. In the 16th century, Portuguese sailors found it and named it “Coco”, which stands for “Bogeyman” in their folklore. It’s because the coconuts discovered during their expeditions had three holes in them, resembling the scary face of Bogeyman. The word “nut” was later added to the name.

Today, coconut is one of the most popular fruity ingredients for cosmetic use. Another interesting fact is that coconut is used in construction, and it has proved to be cheap and durable material. Additionally, coconut water has started to replace mineral water in some parts of the world.

In this post, I will deep dive into exploring what coconut water can do for us. I’ll do so by comparing coconut water to both mineral water and fruit juices and explaining the differences and similarities between these essentials products.

What is coconut water?

Not to be mistaken for coconut milk, coconut water is a clear liquid with a refreshing, nutty taste. This low in calories and high in potassium liquid is extracted from the center of the green coconut fruit. Evidentially, a glass of coconut water contains more potassium than 4 bananas.

Coconut water can help us stay hydrated while supporting our health overall. People believe that it can cure hangover, improve blood sugar levels and give us energy during and after physical exercise. All of this is due to the fact that coconut water contains many essential vitamin and minerals:

  • Calcium
  • Fiber
  • Vitamin C (about 10%)
  • Magnesium (about 15%)
  • Potassium (about 17%)
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How does it compare to juices and other sugary drinks?

Coconut water contains much less sugar than most fruity juices and soft drinks. This is why coconut water is obviously the best add-on to any diet, helping people to reduce calorie intake while being more energetic. Another different characteristic of water from coconuts is its taste – nutty and refreshing.

No matter the benefits, coconut water should be consumed in moderation. Another precaution to consider is how to select the right brand of coconut water. It’s wise to note that many types of coconut water contain additional sugar, which is not healthy at all.

How Does it compare to mineral water?

It is not easy to fully explain the differences between coconut and mineral water. The brand and type of mineral water will matter a lot since each brand contains different additives. Generally speaking, coconut water may be more beneficial for people doing sports.

Research showed that the magnesium, calcium, and potassium in coconut water can support our organisms during physical activity. When we sweat during exercise, we are losing fluids and electrolytes, which are vital for normal body functions and hydration. Since the mix of magnesium, calcium, and potassium can substitute for the lost electrolytes, coconut water is a good replacement for mineral water when exercising.

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Smoothie with coconut water, banana and collagen ? ?

The Takeaway

Coconut water is a trendy alternative to energy drinks and sugary juices. It has proved to be beneficial for many athletes and people who exercise regularly. However, it is difficult to say if coconut water is the best drinking alternative. The advantages of this product will depend upon the brand that we choose and how much of it consume daily.

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