Hemp Seed Oil: How Does It Benefit My Pet?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) products come from the compounds of hemp and marijuana plants. In contrast to marijuana, products made of hemp seeds contain a very low amount of psychoactive additives, making them a healthy supplement for anyone. Pets, similarly to humans, may benefit from supplements like hemp seed oil.

Before moving into the pets topic, let’s clarify why hemp seed oil is generally safe and beneficial supplement.

Marijuana and hemp are different plants, although they both belong to the Cannabis sativa species. Even somehow different, both plants contain Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) elements, and THC is what makes marijuana smokers feel “high”. In low amounts, however, THC does not have any psychoactive effects.

In contrast to marijuana, the hemp plant contains much less THC and more CBD. According to evidence, hemp is much less psychoactive and addictive than marijuana. Therefore, many manufacturers use hemp, not cannabis, for their creations.

No matter which plant is the source of CBD products, the amounts of THC are always regulated – under 0,3% in countries where cannabis for recreational use is illegal.

In this post, I will focus on products from hemp, more specifically hemp seed oil. This is a product extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant. I will provide some useful information on how this product may benefit our pets.

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Hemp seeds oil for pets

Scientific research on the health benefits of hemp oil has studied rats, humans, and recently even our pets. It is not a surprise that the effects of this oil were similar on humans and animals alike.

The hemp seed oil contains fatty acids, Omega 3 and Omega 6. Omega 3 can help with problems such as inflammation, skin disease and cognitive functions, while Omega 6 can reduce cholesterol levels. Both fatty acids have proven to be beneficial for humans as well as pets.

Our furry canines, sometimes called “best friends”, need as much attention as human beings do. As such they may suffer from similar ailments as most humans – skin irritations, arthritis, and overall pain.

Among the many, there are a few important uses of Hemp seed oil for pets:

Hemp seed oil for better looks: skin and fur

Evidentially, hemp seed oil may improve the look of canines’ fur and make it look softer and shinier. Skin rashes and other conditions are often present in animals. Hemp has proved to be efficient in treating such conditions and improving the overall skin appearance of our furry friends.

Similar to humans, pets can also develop allergies. According to evidence, many dog owners used hemp seed oil to treat allergies, and the product proved to be very helpful.

Pain reliever and weight controller

Hemp seed oils also comes handy for treating injuries or reducing joints pain in canines. It’s probably not the most common product used by vets, but it has turned to be an excellent modern substitute that anyone can purchase.

Research shows that the fatty acids in hemp oil can reduce the chance of arthritis in pets by 25%. This sounds like a very promising way to avoid the future dangers of arthritis or any similar diseases.

For CBD has proved to be an important additive for controlling weight, hemp seed oil (containing CBD) can be used to support pets’ weight loss as well. Metabolism and weight are important for many canines. Therefore, it is vital that we rely on supplements such as hemp seed oil to control the optimal weight of our pets.

Inflammation and immune system support

Omega 3 and Omega 6 in hemp oil have proved to be very effective against inflammations. Our playful friends often will eat something toxic or simply catch an infection from other pets that they interact with. Dogs especially are quite playful creatures.

Hemp seed oil may help dog owners keep their pets safe from potential infections. This oil has the ability to reduce toxins in pets’ bodies and minimize or prevent their dangerous effect. Veterinarians will agree with all that, and very often they’ll recommend that you buy a good CBD oil for your canine.

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Anxiety and mood swings

As a pet owner, you have perhaps noticed that a pet’s mood can change. This will depend on many external factors, some of which we can’t control. We can definitely play more with our dogs to improve their mood, but sometimes this is not enough.

In cases when our pet’s mood swings are chronic and turning into anxiety, hemp seed oil comes into play. Giving your pet the right amount of love and care, in a combination with a few drops of hemp seed oil, may definitely impact their health positively.

What do vets and scientists say about hemp seed oil?

According to veterinarians, hemp seed oil is a great additive for pets. More likely than not they will recommend it, so it is always wise to ask a vet in advance. You can also discuss with vets what the right dosage of hemp seed oil is since it will depend on your dog’s weight, age, and many other factors.

According to science, hemp seed oil is more beneficial than harmful to our canines. There is no proven evidence of the potential side effects of hemp oil. Like with any other product on Earth, it is vital that we don’t overdose our pets with hemp products.

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My advice

In recent times, many brands will promise a top-quality product. Still, should we go for their marketing offer straightway?

Before deciding whether to use hemp seed oil for pets, it is essential to research the different options available on the market- what they contain and what others say about the brand. Consulting a vet will be your second-best option. They are not always right, but in most cases, specialists will give you the best advice.

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