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Cooking School – Getting Started In The Kitchen Like a Pro

Cooking is a skill requiring a lot of practice and passion for doing it. It is like getting started at school but at the cooking school. While not everyone can be a master chef, basic cooking skills are essential. Here is a guide on how to get started with cooking for the first time.

  • Start by the most simple meals ever such as scrambled eggs, salad or even a simple pasta recipe. Pasta seems to be one of the easiest meals for prep especially for beginners and it does not require too many ingredients and spices. Check more pasta recipes on my blog.
  • Always measure every single ingredient that you are using – tomato sauce, salt, onion. If necessary follow a cooking book or just print out an article you found on the internet. Cooking it is not only about mix and matching ingredients but rather about knowing how much and when to add these ingredients.
  • Learn how to use the different cooking methods like baking, boiling, steaming and so on. It is not necessary to start learning by baking meals since they could be a bit more complicated. Preparing a simple salad or just boiling pasta is a good way to get started in the kitchen.

A few meals that are really easy for beginners:

  1. Fresh salad: This requires only a few ingredients and adding just the regular oil, vinegar and salt. Making a salad as your first meal is a great way of getting started with cooking. And it is also a healthy meal that everyone likes except if you don’t add too much of salt of course.
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Salad cooking

2. Pasta: Pasta can be an easy meal but it can be also a difficult one. What makes pasta delicious are also the ingredients used to make it, like organic products for example. To learn making pasta as one of your first meals you have ever made on your own, you can start by making Tuna pasta. It is one of the easiest and fastest recipes to prepare.

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Pasta cooking for beginners in the cooking school

3. Omelette or scrambles eggs. Getting started to learn how to cook by making breakfast is the way to go. By making omelette, you will be also able to understand better the heat needed for cooking the perfect scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Cooking school learning how to make omelette
Cooking breakfast – omelette

Starting in the kitchen by learning how to make these simple 3 meals I showed in my blog post will be the easiest way to try out cooking and check if it is something you really enjoy. And if you really enjoy it, then continue with the other blog posts in the series Cooking school. If you think it is too difficult for you and it is not something you really enjoy – take away food is always a good alternative.

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