About Us


This blog started with my idea to provide valuable advice to people interested in nutrition, supplements, and especially CBD products. In achieving my goal, I had to search for information and read many scientific articles and reviews. This is a lengthy process that required many months of hard work and practice.

If you are looking for the latest news, this is definitely not the right blog to read, although you may still find a piece of useful info here. If you are a scientist, I believe that you will open a research paper online. So, dear readers, I hope that the info provided in my blog posts is just right for you.


Currently based in Europe, I have been traveling and living around the world for over 18 years. My degree is in business, but as you may have noticed in the blog, science is something that I actually enjoy and understand well.

Other editors are also supporting the blog, helping me to verify if my posts are good enough to go public. In the future, I am planning to rely on more people to help me make this blog even better.


I don’t expect this blog to make me rich. However, I put a lot of work and effort into content creation, spending months before the final product came public. This being the case, I needed to cover other expenses such as hosting and web services.

For the sake of keeping my blog running, I earn from ads that are placed on the website. If you decide to purchase any of the products that I advertise, you will pay directly to the company branding this product. What I will get in return is just a small portion of the price that helps me maintain my blog.

I have also spent time researching the products that are advertised on my website. In this way, I have ensured that all of the brands are reputable entities whose products will benefit my readers.


I use free media files from various websites – such as Stock Photos, Pexels, and Unsplash. I’ve learned in University that plagiarism is a very bad thing, so I always put a reference to most files that I borrow. The same is true for my blog articles, too. Many thanks to the community posting amazing photos on Pexels.com!

Part of the media files in the blog is mine. I love photography indeed, and some people even say that I am great at it. Please feel free to use my photos with a backlink to my blog post.


Since I am not a professional nutritionist or doctor, you should not take any of the information in my blog posts for granted. My blog post is not a medical prescription, but just a piece of advice based on scientific information. Consulting a specialist may turn to be more beneficial for you in many cases. While the information in my blog will be very true in most personal cases, different people should use it according to their personal lifestyle conditions and needs.

Regarding CBD products, Lifestyle Essentials does not take any responsibility for the legality and potential side effect of these products. Before embarking on a CBD lifestyle, it is always best to check the legality of cannabis products in your particular location, and whether you will need a medical prescription. Please use the blog only as a guide for choosing the right CBD products.